Our Mission



The mission of the Kansas City Community Bail Fund is to assist our community's most marginalized residents who are arrested and can’t afford bail, and to minimize arrests by implementing programs that remove barriers and address racial, social, and economic inequities.

We believe that freedom should be free...

not based on one's ability to pay.

Six out of 10 people in U.S. jails—about half a million people on any given day—are in pre-trial detention. They have not been convicted of a crime and have not been proven guilty...but those who cannot afford bail are treated like convicted criminals.

Source: Pretrial Justice Institute


OUR vision

We support our mission by paying bail for as many citizens as possible, working within our budget, who are arrested for a non-violent misdemeanor, are detained in a jail within our five-county operating area, lack the resources to pay the bail themselves, and meet other criteria.

We further support our mission by providing post-bail case management services to our clients to help them achieve stability and navigate the court system as successfully as possible.

We also are committed to taking action by implementing programs that will decrease the likelihood of arrest for our community's most vulnerable citizens.