program details and application

Do you, or someone you know, need bail assistance? Read the following information carefully to learn more about our criteria for providing bail assistance and how to apply.

Bail Assistance Criteria:

  • Must be detained within our five-county service area: Jackson, Clay, or Cass County in Missouri; Wyandotte or Johnson County in Kansas.
  • The total bail amount cannot exceed $5000.00. Please note that we are not a bail bond company. We pay the entire amount of the bond–not 10 percent. We do not require a co-signer, and we do not require or expect repayment.
  • The charges cannot involve violence, domestic violence, or sexual
  • The charges cannot involve stalking misconduct or violation of an ex-parte (restraining order)
  • No DUI or reckless driving charges
  • If the person being detained has a hold in another county, the hold must be within the five counties we serve and the total bond amounts cannot exceed our $5,000.00 limit. For example, if a person is being detained on a $2,500.00 bond in Wyandotte County and also has a hold with a $2,000.00 bond in Johnson County, they are eligible for our assistance.
  • No more than one failure to appear charge within the last 12 months.
  • No more than one arrest for the same charge within the last 12 months. NOTE: If an applicant is arrested for possession and has been arrested for possession in the past 12 months, their application will still be considered for bail assistance if they have verifiable proof that they will enter rehab upon release.

To Apply:

  • Please click on the link below to apply for bail assistance.

Please note that we are unable to accept applications for bail assistance over the phone. Due to the volume of requests received, we can only reply to those we are able to help.