The Kansas City Community Bail Fund uses donated funds to pay the bail for people in our community who lack financial resources and meet certain criteria. 

Every day, about half a million people in the U.S. are in pre-trial detention. This means that they have not been convicted of a crime or proven guilty...they simply cannot afford the bail amount set by a judge for their release.

When our community's most vulnerable citizens remain in pre-trial detention, they stand to lose their jobs, homes, vehicles, educational opportunities, and in some cases, even custody of their children...because they cannot pay bail. They are treated like criminals--because they are poor. 

The average bail amount in the United States represents 8 months of income for the typical detained defendant.

– Prison Policy Initiative


We are a revolving
bail fund

If our clients appear for all of their court dates and court orders are met, their bail is returned to the fund when the case is closed. We reinvest that money to free others.

This is Bigger Than Bail

People who can’t afford bail often need assistance with housing, employment, and mental health services. We support programs that address these issues, improve public safety, and help people avoid repeat arrests for minor offenses.